Gravity Pull VR Game | Virtual Reality App (YOU MUST TRY)

With more advanced mobile phone devices, it is easier to play a versatile game which we could never imagine before like gravity pull VR. Kids and adults are talking about Vr apps which are slowing taking over the world of traditional game and apps. We are reviewing one of VR apps which have become the talk of the town in recent times.

Gravity Pull has been created by vrmersive.  It has 16 puzzles that a player need to solve in order to complete the game.
You have to strategically place a cube on switches to open them. The game gives you the feels of actually being in a room where you have all the control virtually. You need to look around your surrounding to explore each and every room to solve the puzzles effectively.

The virtual reality game Gravity pull VR is made keeping google cardbox and daydream. According to app best practices, the game is well played on cardboard V2.

Following are the features of Gravity Pull VR game:

  1. The game works best with capacitive touch 
  2. Cardboard V1 magnet switch is supported
  3. Option to use a joystick to avoid cybersickness while playing the virtual reality game.
  4. Position tracking while playing the game for better virtual reality game experiences.

User Review of Gravity pull VR game

  • People are loving the jog to move function provided in the game.
  • The lined 3d graphics make the gravity pull VR game come alive. 
  • The graphics are amazing and don’t heat the mobile devices much.
  • Gravity pull VR game actually speeds up your thinking and physical power.
  • Vr games are usually laggy in nature, but this one stands out and gives the best virtual reality gameplay experience you can get. 

Moreover,  we at this app review website believe VR apps have to go a long way to actually deliver up to their potential. Many other VR apps on the google play store have many issues with them in terms of optimization and performance or gameplay. VR apps have just started to come out on the market and it is not wrong to think that it will take time to become the first choice for games.

With all that in mind, we will keep you update about the launch of any new app in the market which especially comes under VR apps or games. Till then download and experience the magic of VR apps and let us know in the comment section about your experience.

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