Dental Management Software with features explained Guide – 2020

Dental practitioners know the importance of a well built and feature-rich dental management software. These are dental appointment scheduling software that takes care of all the paper works. Practitioners can focus on patients and increase their efficiency on a daily basis.

Having said that, before buying any dental management software, you should know if they are the right fit for your practice. Below are some of the features that you should focus on before buying..

Features of Easy Dental Software

Ease of use

This goes without saying that the dental software will be used for every aspect of the practice from billing, insurance claiming to appointment booking hence the software should be easy to adapt and make life easy for the entire office rather than difficult to handle.

Auto generating

Autogenerating of reports from practice equipment directly and handling day to day activities like billing and invoice are key features to look for in dental software.

Integration with existing machines and system

The dental management software should come with the functionality of integrating with digital imaging, X-ray imaging, 2D intraoral imaging, and 2D panoramic and cephalometric imaging. It will reduce the dependency on human and chances of error will reduce drastically.

Cloud storage

Ability to store patient information and images online. It will reduce the dependency for physical hardware requirements. The practitioners can access this data from different devices like mobile, tabs or computers not depending on their location.

Here are the best dental management software in 2020

Dentrix Ascend

Dentrix Ascend – Being a cloud-based dental management software it gives you freedom from depending on physical local servers and hardware. Dentrix ascend filter task daily on a priority basis for practitioners so all the necessary tasks are prioritized first. It comes with dental imagine software and dental charting software.

These features help in the automation of the practice. The patient’s oral health history is digitally saved for future reference. The quick examination feature lets you noted down essential information during the first time examination of patients.

Features of Dentrix Ascend

  • Practitioner role-related activities priority
  • Customized To-Do List on a daily basis
  • Task Automation Management Intelligence (TAMI) for patients reminders and task allocation
  • Quick examination for first-time patients for creating a profile.
  • Clinical charts creation for conditions and the ability to add notes for specific patients.
  • Tracking insurance eligibility status of patients

This dental management software comes with built-in templates and descriptions. You can create a treatment plan and tweak them as per your requirement for individual patients. Dentrix ascend reviews have been majorly positive in the industry.

Curve Dental

Curve Dental focuses on keeping things simple so that each staff member can use it efficiently. Be if drag and drop functionality to add and delete appointments of patients or the ability to work from anywhere and on any device. This cloud-based dental management software comes with packed with features.

None the less, it also comes with a billing system that is easy to understand by billing department for tacking records. You can store digital images of patients’ cases on the cloud. You can access these images from any location and on any devices available to you. Some more features of Curve Dental are following –

Curve Dental Features

  • Informative and graphical charting system available
  • Scheduling option for patients management
  • Inbuilt billing solutions
  • Curve dental imaging
  • curve dental charting
  • Perio charting functionality
  • Detailed dental reports of your patients.
  • Online smart forms to fill for patients
  • DrFirst  for ePrescribe in Curve Connex

Curve Connex – Patient engagement software

It is inbuilt software for Curve Dental which helps in sending our text and email messages to patients. Patients can keep track of their appointments with reminders and also the ability to pay the bills using this CRM. New features are constantly added through updated.

The support system from Curve Dental is also amazing. They are available 24*7 and answers within 10 minutes depending on the business day.


Dovetail dental management software is a combination of Clinical EHR and Practice management. Being fully on cloud make it easier to track and save your patient’s health records, creating treatment plans and imaging services.

This software includes features like online appointments, reminders services, reports management, and e-billing. The workflow-based system which is easy to understand by staff. You can share files with each other and increase the efficiency of your practice. With all this automation you can be sure that you will pay more attention to your patient’s personal needs.

Features of Dovetail

  • keep a medical history of your patient on the cloud for easy accessible
  • Perform dental charting
  • Treatment planning for your patients
  • Voice or types note saving for your patients
  • Access to the patients Imagine from any location you desire

The patient engagement program comes with a complete set of features. You can schedule appointments and send reminders to concerned patients with e-mail and SMS. Patients can respond to email and SMS, once patients respond to the status of the appointments gets updated on its own. Human dependency gets reduced and the efficiency of the practice drastically improves.

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iDental Soft.

iDental Soft claims to be 100% paperless management with functionality of working with the cloud technology. You get online ability to book an appointment and the smart scheduling options gives freedom to staff for managing the patients. The practitioners can store the patient’s details over the cloud which is HIPPA compliant and access that data from any location they desire.

Treatment planning feature is also available which can be used to see the patients old history and plan the treatment accordingly. The tools come with patient communication capability where you can reach your patient with e-mail and text message. Below are some more features of iDental Soft

  • ePrescribe integration
  • Tacking of lab cases of patients
  • Imagine storage ability and access from any location and device
  • Manage clinical notes of patients
  • Tracking of lab cases
  • Database of medicine to prescribing to patients
  • Smart forms for filling when patients come to clinic

Patient engagement has the functionality to remember the coming anniversary and important dates of patients. You can send prebuilt templates for specific occasions. With inbuilt integration with several clearinghouses, you can generate and clear e-claims.

CRM for dentist

If your dental management software doesn’t come with an inbuilt CRM then you have the option of buying CRM for dentists separately.

Dental CRM

Dental CRM is a web application meaning you will not be required to install any software. All you need is your web browser and you can manage the entire operation from it. With features like dedicated servers for data security and frequent backups of your patient’s data make this a very reliable CRM for a dental practice. Some of the important features are the following :

  • Website + CRM for giving patients to book appointments directly from the website
  • Cloud software for centralized working
  • Patient engagement programs for sending SMS and reminders for relationship building
  • Reminder pop-ups for appointments on a particular date.
  • A Doctor appointed cases management

Dental CRM is crucial to run a patient engagement program and with this CRM you achieve exactly that in no time.

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