CRM for business can improve your retention rate of your customer

Every now and then every business teams feel loaded with 100 different tasks. You have tons of leads coming in and your phones won’t stop buzzing at all, Sound familiar? In all this mess, you have an excel sheet opened where you are trying to keep a track of every single lead that has bought or yet to buy your service or visit your physical store.

It is a matter of time before you start losing on your leads and they fall into your competitor’s basket. Below mentioned are some of the most important reasons for losing leads.

Why do business teams lose their leads?

  • Delay in the first contact after acquiring leads
  • Failing to follow up with existing leads
  • No coordination between different teams
  • Major time spend on filling customer information in files or paperwork
  • Complex business structure and teams
  • No one location of data storage / Customer data is scattered
  • Lack of employees performance monitoring
  • Missing performance tracking of business
  • No timely allotment of leads to salespeople
  • Past records of customer and lack of reminders

Let’s see in details how these problems can be solved by using CRM For Business

First Contact

If you are working on multiple platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or have other channels for generating leads then you must be aware that sooner you establish the first contact, higher the chances are for conversion.

Here is a study on the conversion of leads and time delay between calls. Contact a lead decrease by over 10 times in the first 6 hours.

 source – leadresponsemanagement

There are different stages that a lead goes through in its journey until it is a confirmed sale. The most important stage is when the lead is hot (A fresh lead). You know the customer is actively looking for a service and engaging with the customer in this phase will have a higher chance of a conversion.

But unfortunately, leads don’t stop coming even after your sales team has left office. After they pick their leads the next day there is already a delay in establishing the first contact.

How can a CRM help you with hot leads?

Any well built CRM comes with the ability to automate things. You can have a workflow setup where new leads will be sent information as soon as they enter your CRM system. Even if your sales team is not present in the office you can be assured that information is being sent to leads. You can send following things through automation –

  • Welcome Emails
  • Appointment details
  • Offers
  • PDF
  • Website article links for more information
  • Call schedules details with the sales team

This makes customers or leads feel that they are heard and business has taken note of them. You can also tell them when a salesperson would be calling them for further assistance. Make sure that you are using a professional email Id for sending information.

Follow Ups

While working with the sales team you will realize that they often forget to follow up with the leads. With no effective system of a reminder, this becomes a nuisance soon. This results in a loss of leads and a bad image in the mind of the customer. CRM for business effectively solves this problem. You need at least 5 follow-ups before making sales.

A good CRM will come with a effective notification system where they will show following information –

  • Leads that are not yet contacted
  • Customer who haven’t replied to your Emails, Text messages or other forms of communication
  • Leads which asked to be contacted on some other specific date

Until and unless you manually feed in the system that a particular lead is lost, your CRM will keep that person as an open lead and will continuously remind you of them. This system makes sure that no lead is left behind.


The sales team usually compose of multiple peoples. They need to work together for better efficiency and higher results. But when one team member is absent then all the leads that were his / her responsibility usually take a hit. Other team members have no knowledge of the status and where lead information is kept.

CRM, in this case, brings teams on one platform where each team members know what their colleagues are working on. Team members can log in to each other accounts and take over. As CRM is the same for everyone, taking over is quite easy in an event a team member is absent from work.

Customer information filling

Every time you receive a new lead, you have to make a record of that. This can lead to loss of time and low productivity. Your sales team should be on a call talking to a customer rather than filling forms.

If you had a CRM for business then you can automate the process where following information is filled on it’s own

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Location
  • product interested in
  • Time and date of inquiry

Some CRM for business can also fetch social media profiles and their photographs on their own. This saves a lot of time for your sales team or calls center team. One more good thing is that if the lead calls your second time then you will be able to see the lead information in advance so you know what you need to talk about.

Structure of Teams

It gets difficult to track how much sales have been generated or how many customers walk in has been achieved in a certain time period. There are different teams involved to keep track of the budget, revenue generated, and quality.

All these departments are interdependent on each other. There need to full access to data to understand how other teams are doing for a smooth flow business. Below are some points where CRM helps different departments of teams

  • Tracking revenue or walks in generated
  • Quality checks of calls
  • Monthly projections and forecast for planning
  • Identifying for loss of leads and implementing strategies

There is something for every team in CRM for business.

Data Storage

Mid-level businesses often use excels sheets to store information about their customers or leads. In matters of months, they gather a huge number of sheets which become near impossible to manage. With CRM for business, your team members don’t have to work with excels sheets anymore. All their data is fetched into 1 location which is accessed by any team members any time.

The data stored can be sorted out easily based on name, phone number of any other custom fields. There are multiple benefits of using CRM like

  • No duplicates entry
  • Easy searching and sorting features
  • Status of each leads in details
  • History maintained for all the leads
  • Special notes

There is no loss of data and each and every leads can be tracked and analysed.

Performance monitoring

Without a system, in place, it is impossible to monitor your team members’ work. There might be some bad eggs who are avoiding their work and forging their numbers. This can’t be tracked easily as there is no system in place for monitoring.

However, CRM for business gives you the ability to track the performance of people. You can track how many calls were made and what was the quality of those calls. If the pitch was perfect and representatives were polite enough to leads. Tracking all these information becomes really easy when you work with CRM.

Performance tracking of business

When you use CRM for business then it becomes possible to track the following things:

  • Your average time for response
  • Reason for loss of leads
  • Monthly comparison of revenue generate
  • Inputs on how to improve the efficiency
  • Quality of calls
  • Identifying channels which brings most leads

Study of all these points can give you a picture where you business stands and what needs to be done to improve on it.

Allotment of leads

CRM works in real-time so you can always make sure that every team member has equal amounts of leads allocated to them. This keeps the pressure between team members equally distributed. You can also distribute leads service or department wise to team members.

Records of Customers

Customer retention is very important for any business. All your customer who have once used your service or are using your products are important aspect for your business. There can need of renewing of service or repurchase of service, in this case you need a customer records with ability to notification on timely manner.

You can develop a relation with your customer by sending them reminders, wishes on birthday or launch of new product of service. It will be great way to sell and more for your business.

Some famous CRM for business :

  • Salesforce
  • Zoho CRM
  • Pipedrive CRM
  • Freshsales


CRM for business play a variety of role. It helps you get organised and keep an eye on every aspect of your business. If you don’t have CRM yet , we highly suggest to get one.

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