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Most of you must have already heard of Ted Talks. Known for its inspirational and motivational videos, TED talks are truly sharing ideas worth spreading. My cousin had introduced me to TED talks a few months ago. Since the first talk I watched by Gautam Khetrapal on Modern Education, I became a fan. Feeling low in life, and feel the need to have some inspirational talks? You should try Ted talks.

Ted talks aim at spreading ideas, originally in the fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design (thus TED). Now it covers almost every field out there. Recently while going through App Store to look for trending and education apps for kids, I came across Ted App Ideas Worth Spreading (on a sideline, love their tagline). With over 2000 videos of inspirational talks for any mood makes this app a must-have.


Features of TED App Ideas Worth Spreading.                           

  • The home screen three tabs- newest, popular and ted talks India (well, I believe this is for Indians only).
  • With the feature ‘Listen‘ in this app, you can listen to any Ted talk on your phone while multitasking- checking messages or emails.
  • My personal favorite is ‘Surprise Me‘ feature. It asks you your mood and how much time you have and present you with a ted talk fulfilling the criteria.
  • You can also ‘Discover’ the videos and audios by Tags, Languages (YES! You can find ted videos in various languages and listen to them), and browse through ‘TED Curated‘ playlists.
  • The app gives you options for various languages, more than 100, for subtitles because of which I believe they are able to reach to wider audience.
  • ‘Sync’ across all devices.


The app has a very simple GUI and does not have any complicated features. TED is designed with the purpose of spreading and sharing ideas across a large number of people around the world. TED aims at welcoming people from every discipline and culture. Probably that is why they have not filled the app with lots of features. If you are seeking for some inspirational thoughts and having one of those days where you feel like having a deeper look into life- this app can surely help you with that.


Ratings and Reviews of TED App Ideas Worth Spreading:

The app is rated 4.5 Star in App Store. People are giving mixed reviews about the app. Complaints about streaming of videos or crashing of an app at times, or no alert/ progress of downloading the video just to point a few. Other than this, the reviews have been amazing about the content in the app. The app is recommended to learn, know and get inspired by motivational speakers.

If you have not had a chance to watch any of the TED talks; I am giving here the link of one of my personal favorite TED talks. 

Elon Musk: The future we are building- and BORING!

I hope you enjoyed the article. Try this app and let us know in the comments section below your reviews about the app. Star rate the app in Appsreviewhub thus helping people know about the app.  Your views about the article are also welcomed. 

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