Best meditation apps to calm your mind and start living healthy

When it comes to cooling down your mind and body for better focus Best meditation apps sure come handy. We all go through different experience on daily basis, which sometimes can overwhelm our mind. These overwhelming exposure to the outer world can lead to more disturbed mind.  Your work productivity goes down as well as the quality of your sleep also decreases. But there is good news for those who are looking for some way to calm their mind and focus better.

  1. Headspace: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness
    Headspace Meditation App Download

    It is common assumptions that you can just directly sit with your eyes closed and start meditating right away. Bad news for you guys, Meditation actually require lots of skill and especially dedication with a combination of self-control and being focused.  Headspace Guided meditation app actually help you train your mind.

    Apart from the fact that Headspace is free to download, the Best meditation apps actually helps you meditate almost anywhere.  All you have to do is spare few minutes from your daily life and sit.

    The founder of the app is Rich Pierson with Co-Founder Andy Puddicombe.  Here are the few best features of the Best meditation apps.

    • This meditation app helps you get rid of anxiety and stress
    • Multiple exercises are available for different problem like breathing, focus, sleep and to remain calm and focus 
    • You can train your mind by just investing 10-20 Minutes of meditation every day
    • You get to learn about different classic meditation techniques that will come in hand.
    • The App also helps to track your progress and also ability to share it with friends and family
    • There is daily meditation exercise recommended for you.

    The meditation app also helps in training kid from very early age to begin meditating. The meditation app teaches kids to be calm, being kind and remains happy. The fact that it is a guided meditation app makes it easier to get results in no time.

    The Best meditation apps also has included a new  SOS feature, if you ever feel anxiety, nervousness, stress you can seek professional help from experts from the app itself.

  2. Chakra Meditation 
    Chakra Meditation App Download

    The Chakra Meditation app uses the fundamental principle of meditation, based on the practice of Chakra or Solfeggio Meditation. Meditation app helps you understand the chakra points in our body and how to activate them. The Chakra points are the most important factor to achieve perfect peace of mind and connect with nature all around you. The Best meditation apps  also generates different frequency sound which gives you feel of Solfeggio, Tantra and Musical binaural frequencies.  

    One of the best features that we absolutely love about this is Sound Vibration which actually helps in maintaining the perfect flow for the flow of energy within the body.  The sound affects your 7 different vital body parts directly affecting the flow of energy in your body. The app also affects the spinal cord for correcting the imbalance in your body for better functionality

    Some of the best features of the app are following:

    • Surrounding tone generator for better meditation like Tantra, Solfeggio, and different frequency 
    • The meditation app has feature of Binaural frequency tones which induce brain waves to help your mind sleep better 
    • There is no in-app purchase, everything is free and can be used for better meditation.
    • The Best meditation apps  comes with multiple optimizations which can fine tune the whole experience of users. 
    • Meditation app comes with full knowledge about different chakra point, where they are located and what you can do to activate them. 
    • Training instruction for beginners who have little or no knowledge about meditation
    • The app is small in size and also  requires little to none device permission 
    • You can also play the meditation apps sound after closing the app

    Chakra meditation really has brought out old age technique to meditate in the form of an app, it helping multiple people around the world with a better understanding of themselves through meditation

  3. Insight Timer – Meditation App
    Insight Timer Meditation App Download

    When it comes to numbers Insight Timer has more than 3 Million meditators on regular basis, to guide all of the meditation users there are more than 11500 teachers available to teach and guide you for better meditation.  The Best meditation apps also score some more points with their 7000 + Mediators who can train and help you during the learning phase making it Best meditation apps. Insight Timer comes with a variety of music and sound for your selection, usually, these sound bring a feeling of calmness while meditating.  If that was not enough then you can get into multiple groups where you chat and share the experience of your session.

    Some of the best features we loved about Insight Timer app are following

    • Insight Timer app is free for download 
    • It helps in better sleep routine
    • If you are an addict to some substance then this app can help you get rid of it.
    • The app helps with anxiety and stress which people feel from daily to daily life.
    • It acts like sleep sounding machines for better and anxiety free sleep.
    • Minutes features like bells notification extended session and integration with apple health app 

    Insight Timer app gets more than 1400 mediators video on daily basis. It does not lack when  it comes to content and always keep you updated and fit in mind, body, and sou

  4. Stop Breathe & Think: Meditate
    Stop Breathe & Think: Meditate App Download

    The Stop Breathe and Think app bring lots of fine tuning to your meditation routine. The Best meditation apps focusses on your mood and recommend different types of meditation. The app requires an online connection to work. You are able to track your mood pre-meditation and post-meditation which helps in better understanding of different effects it has.  This meditation app was  Winner of the 2015 Webby People’s Voice Award for Health & Fitness with more than 2 Million downloads in the app store.

    On overall this app acts like an essential part of your day, your academics and work improves and you become more productive in all aspect of your life. Some of the best Features that we found in the app are following:

    • A better understanding of your self with more clarity of your choices and circumstances.
    • better Ability to manage your emotions in public. 
    • Feel mood improvement in shortest amount of time
    • Ability to check in your mood and start meditating as per that.
    • The app gives you notifications and recommends the kind of meditation exercise you can do.
    • Ability to find and look out for guided mentors in the app
    • You have the inbuilt app ability to track your progress over a long duration of time
    • It keeps you engage through different stickers

    When people are looking forward to a better body,  they only think about calorie calculator apps to maintain their diet and lose weight, but this app focuses on much more than that by keeping in check your mental health. The app has got millions of download in google play store and it doesn’t seem like it is going to get stopped.

  5. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

    Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax Download

    The last app in the list of best meditation apps is Calm. The calm app gives you the option of different meditation session  3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes. The session length helps in case you don’t have much time in your hand.  This meditation app gives new 10 minutes session every day to calm your mind and body anywhere you are. You can also use this app to listen to different bedtime stories and go to sleep.

    Here are the few features of the Calm App that we absolutely love about this Best meditation app are following

    • Stories to read and listen before falling asleep can bring great calmness to your mind.
    • Different breathing exercises and unguided meditation session
    • Nature sound to help you relax while meditating can help you greatly 
    • Ability to check your progress and number of hours of meditation can help you track your health

    In constant pressure life of an individual can bring lots of tension and not to mention it drains your energy on regular basis. You lack concentration and health if you don’t keep your focus. The Best meditation apps can bring a lot of calmness in your life and relieve you from tension. We urge our reader to use any of the meditation app mentioned and let us know how was your experience.

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