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Getting changes in the body is not an easy task.  You cannot accomplish the same with just getting some exercises done;  you will even be required to get the required diet from an expert dietitian,  so that you can lose fat much easier and without any problem,  Fitso Indian calorie calculator app can help you greatly.

Good Trainers are not easy to get,  and if you get one they will charge you a bomb which will again make you think if you should go for weight loss or not.  Not only just the diet but also the right exercises are must in order to succeed in losing some weight or fat.

Fitso is an app developed by the company known as Fitso with more than 100,000 installs the app itself speaks of its success. A good Fitness application needs to be accurate, have all the quality that an in-human trainer will have, and must assist you during the workout.

Let us see the features which the Weight Loss, Running & Fitness Coach – Fitso comes with and how it is one of the best in the industry. If used with Fitness training plan app it would be the perfect combination for weight loss goals.

Perks of Indian calorie calculator app Weight Loss, Running & Fitness Coach – Fitso

Most of the weight loss & fitness apps are made with US & America in mind, and usually, we see a wide list of food items and guides for their food. There is barely any food item of India which we can select, with Fitso it is not the case, it comes with over 100,000 food items from the Indian food list, and there is a full Indian calorie counter which will help you to count a number of calories you took today, so you can easily burn the calories in the next workout.

Fitso is also having GPS Running Tracker which makes it easy for you to judge the distance you walked or jogged. You will be getting real-time stats of your runs or walks. The audio coach in the app will help you to get prepared for a marathon and will encourage you to run over 10KMs also.

Most of the time there is not enough time for us to head to the gym and do some workout, unlike its competitors running and fitness app Runtastic,  with Fitso app you will be able to workout at home, and you will even get your own personalized workout plan for free. The application has more than 3000 videos related to different workout which you can see and learn the method.

Fitso is a free app and it provides you customized plans which are the main perk of the application. It will track each and every moment like the amount of food you eat,  a number of calories you burnt and more of such activities. It will even allow you to log the amount of water you drink which will enable you to stay hydrated.

UI & UX of Indian calorie calculator app Weight Loss, Running

When you open the app for the first time you will either have to sign up or have to log into your existing account.  You have to specify your age,  gender,  weight,  height and then you will have to choose your goal,  if you need to lose the weight or have to gain muscle,  get healthy or any other goal.  Once you login you are on the homepage and there you will get today’s target and the percentage you have completed it.

You will have to select the reminders you have to get, you can specify the time. It will remind you after you have the dinner or lunch. It will even track your steps which can also be done with integration of Google Fit app. There is a separate option to track the run or cycle where you can start your run or cycling schedule.  It will calculate the amount you traveled or cycled which will enable you to keep a better track.

User review after Using  Indian calorie calculator app

  • The App is great for performance tracking in Marathons for calculating a number of calories burnt and achievement to share.
  • However, the more accurate calculation for calorie count for smaller units is required. (If you eat half a Cadbury)
  • Fitso app has helped people lose weight successfully.
  • The app only works with an Active internet connection. Offline mode can increase the productivity of the app more.
  • The Diet plan and analysis given by the app is super effective and deliver results.
  • App is advertisement free
  • Workout Plans are really effective and deliver weight loss results.
  • Steps counting feature of the is accurate and useful
  • Health Notification and Reminders from the app are useful too.

All in all, we can’t ignore the importance of sleep with all this activity in our fitness regime, you can have better sleep with this Sleep sounding machines for better health.

Have you used the application earlier? If yes do let us know about it in the comment section below.

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