Chicken Scream Game Download | A Voice Control Game By Perfect Tap Games

When it comes to voice control there are not many games available in the play store.  Chicken Scream is an endless running game where you control the chicken by screaming at it. Developed by Perfect Tap Games Chicken Scream has become the talk of the town in very short amount of time.  Chicken scream game download has crossed millions of download in play store and iOS.

Voice control is the core functionality of chicken scream game,  To run forward you need to talk to your phone gently and give commands but if you want your chicken to jump, you need to scream at it. !Literally .  It will take some time to get hang of this game and before actually enjoying it.  Nonetheless, Screaming will keep you engaged from the very start of the game.

How Chicken Scream is different

Even though chicken scream game download have crossed millions and counting, the game does not offer much interactivity. Once you get tired of the only entertaining feature of voice control, you will find yourself bored with not much around to do in the game.  Chicken Scream does offer global leaderboard scores, where you can see who has spent more hours shouting at the chicken on the screen and made the top list.

  • You have to silent to make chicken stop and not move forward
  • Talk calmly to make chicken walk slowly and smoothly
  • Shouting at chicken will make it run faster and jump to cross obstacles

Chicken Scream is fun when you watch your friends play and shout, it has given your few genuine moments to laugh and leave an impression on the user who is playing it. It certainly is fun watching people scream at their phone.

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 User Review after chicken scream game download

  • The graphics of the Chicken scream game are most enchanting not to mention the controls which always make you laugh
  • The ads are sometimes annoying  which makes many users to uninstall this voice control game
  • People get bored of this game quite often 
  • The chicken scream game does contain a lot a lag between user giving command and execution of that command
  • Even if people were not talking at all, the chicken still seems to move forward. The problem might be with the registration of the sound
  • Some users have reported stress on their vocal chords after playing this voice control game.
  • Make sure to take lots of small breaks in between playing this game for avoiding strain on your vocal chords

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