Best SEO Software For Small Business Organic Growth

Nowadays as large numbers of businesses are working on and off to put the maximum efforts and get remarkable results to be the leader of the industry.

Thus the competition of ranking high on SERPs has gradually increased.

Most SEO experts use the best SEO software for small business to enhance their productivity while achieving the desired results for their clients.

This process is productive and maintaining our business website ranking becomes very difficult.

As we all know that SEO and Conversion rate optimization techniques are the key role player when coming to increase our sales and leads through digital marketing.

Industry experts say that optimizing any website according to the SEO guidelines can give us several benefits in the form of gradually improving our traffic and get more impressions against our targeted keywords.

Thanks to different Internet resources that we can follow and implement SEO practices, but SEO experts are the best option to go with.

For an instance, if we want to rank among certain keywords in the search engine, then we need to put efforts to research, produce and optimize content according to our relevant keywords and make other strategies accordingly.

It has been found that any business can grow in the online world by providing 

  • Top-notch crafted quality products or services
  • Optimizing the business website while following the SEO terms and conditions

The top-notch quality products or services will meet the expectation of our customers while implementing SEO best practices will help us to improve our ranking position in SERPs.

Small businesses have a very short window of risks, therefore we should use only those SEO tools that are recommended by the experts, to avoid experimenting, wasting time, and efforts.

Best SEO software for small business that will help owners to maintain the ranking of the website

Ahrefs is one of the top SEO tools mostly used for researching keywords, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, in-depth keyword analysis and etc.

This tool is also useful in redirecting tracer and finding any broken link.

To analyze any website’s detailed overview, paste the URL in the search bar, and get the results to monitor.

Features of ahrefs

  • Keyword research for 14 search engines
  • Broken links tracer
  • Backlink analysis
  • Helps in measuring the total organic traffic
  • Opens up the SERP history

Ahrefs reminds us of email alerts on keyword ranking and also shows the relevant article/blogs related to our niche.

Not to forget it also allows us to analyze the internal backlinks of our website.

  1. Da Pa checker with IP address

Domain authority is widely used to analyze the rank of a website.

According to optinmonster “Domain authority measures the predictive ranking strength of entire domains and subdomains…”

We can review how a website is performing on SERPs through the domain score.

It’s a numeric metric ranging from 0-100, where the good Domain score is 55-65.

We can use this online website authority checker to check the DA of any website

By simply pasting any URL in the search box and get see the results instantly:

Features it includes are:

  • Bulk URLs:  We can paste up to 500 URLs to check the DA score with this bulk DA checker
  • Complete results: This DA checker shows all the major metrics such as DA, PA, Spam score, IP address, and Domain Age
  • Download the File: To make use of Bulk DA we can download the Excel file within one click and store it in our local storage.

If our goal is to go higher in SERPs we need to plan a strong SEO strategy which includes factors like:

  • Plan and Implement effective social strategies
  • On and Off-page SEO optimization
  • Optimize our website to give a user-friendly experience, like mobile-friendly, good visual experience and etc.

Ubersuggest is one of the best tools used by SEO experts to find new ideas, new keyword suggestions for the client’s website.

This tool is used widely to get detailed insights into the competitor’s website.

We can simply paste the URL of any website in the search bar and get the overview of the website:

If we are running short on unique keyword ideas this tool can assist us by simply inserting the keyword in the search bar

Below given are the features this UberSuggest consists of:

  • It helps in finding organic keywords
  • Helps us through email alerts
  • Shows the organic traffic against a specific keyword
  • Guides us by showing the difficulty and competition level of a keyword
  • Comes up with awesome ideas and keywords that we can use in our blogs
  • It shows the cost and range of the paid ads.

It’s one of the best SEO tool featuring unique (Trends) that helps us analyze the popularity of top search keywords in Google search engine.

It’s an amazing tool that offers deep insights into any trending topic.

We can collect data to produce awesome content that is trending on Google, whereas we can also use it for other marketing purposes such as:

How can anyone use Google trends online?

We can use this Best SEO software for small business just by inserting a topic into the search bar

After a while, it will show us the filters in a format such as:

  • Category: it shows the category to choose from sports, arts, automobiles, politics, news, fashion, etc.
  • Timeframe: it allows us to choose the time period like from 2004- till up to date
  • Location: we can choose from city to city or country to country and even choose worldwide statistics around the topic.
  • Search type: we can choose the different forms of searches like Google shopping, image search, YouTube search, News search, and more.

If our goal is to go higher in SERPs we need to plan a strong SEO strategy which includes factors like:

  • Plan and Implement effective social strategies
  • On and Off-page SEO optimization
  • Optimize our website to give a user-friendly experience, like mobile-friendly, good visual experience and etc.

One of the best tools to figure out a complete overview of any website.

Google Analytics is mostly used for content marketing purposes

Through this tool, we can monitor the complete audience report

“User flow” feature shows the entire panel of the incoming audience.

Features Google Analytics includes are:

  • Users: Shows the exact numbers of visitors visiting our website
  • Bounce rate: A total percentage of how many visitors come and leave our website
  • Sessions: It shows the number of times a visitor has visited our website
  • Dwell time: It shows the time period a user spends on our website, and how long they stay on our website.


All of these Best SEO software for small businesses is attested and experts’ favorites, therefore without wasting time and effort we should try these tools and the results will speak for itself.

You should also look to decrease your website load time using Free CDN services for better user experience while using the site.

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