WordPress testimonial plugins to use on WordPress website 2020

It takes years for a business to build good credibility and trust among customers. However, a business’s success depends a lot on social influence nowadays.

Now, how do we judge the credibility of a business, online? Of course, a company may include portfolios, case studies and success stories on their website. However, the strongest reason to accept a company’s credibility is through testimonials.

What are testimonials?

A testimonial for a company is basically a statement or speech by a customer, that testifies the expertise and reliability of the company. Through a testimonial, a customer shows his gratitude and satisfaction with the company’s service and recommends the company to others.

Basically, we only testify for things we are happy about or we find credible. Testimonials are the most honest reviews you can get from a company’s customers, expressing their satisfaction with the service.

A person visiting your website obviously needs your service. And the best way to get them more confident about you is to make them read testimonials. It directly increases the CRO of your website. This will help them trust you more and hence, increase the conversion rate on your website.

Thus today, I have arranged a list of 10 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins that can help you highlight your best testimonials on your website easily, and eventually increase your conversion rate.

10 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins

1. Strong Testimonials

Strong testimonials is a brilliant WordPress plugin that allows you to collect, organize and view your reviews and testimonials on your website. It is a completely free plugin.

One of it’s best features is that it comes with a customizable testimonial form. You can simply send the page link of the form to your respected customers to fill out. Once your customers fill out the form, these data gets accrued on the plugin dashboard at the backend. You can easily check, edit and organize these testimonials and view them on your website via shortcodes.

Strong Testimonials has few other features such as:

  • Simple slideshow view of testimonials
  • Star rating option
  • Embed on a website using simple shortcodes
  • Can collect testimonials from Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, and Facebook accounts

Check out Strong Testimonials.

2. BNE Testimonials

BNE Testimonials is one of the best WordPress Testimonial Plugins in terms of it’s premium features. With a easy UI, this plugin is ideal for multisite business.

The free version allows you to display testimonials on web pages either using shortcodes or through its widgets on the sidebar. On top of that, the content copies the font and style of the currently active theme.

It offers few other features such as:

  • Display testimonials in a slider or list format
  • Categorize testimonials into groups to display on separate web pages

Checkout the free version of BNE Testimonials.

The premium version of this plugin makes it so much more amazing.

BNE Testimonials PRO comes with a Rest API so that you can display testimonials on multiple sites. You can collect your reviews from large business sites such as Yelp and Yellow Pages, and you can collect reviews from Google and Facebook.

The Pro version has few other features such as:

  • Star rating system with Schema tags
  • Includes Masonry and Thumbnail Slider
  • Custom Styling of fonts and color
  • Comes with a pre-built web-form to collect testimonials

If you have multiple sites, or run a multisite business, then BNE Testimonials PRO is no doubt the best choice.

Get BNE Testimonials PRO here.

3. Testimonial

Testimonial is often claimed to be one of the best WordPress testimonial plugins out there. This plugin acts as a hub for you to manage all of your testimonials and reviews.

This plugin is more popular for its brilliant UI that makes it easy to add and manage testimonials. Moreover, you can add unlimited testimonials.

You can generate shortcodes for individual testimonials to display on your site. Or you can create a group of testimonials and generate a shortcode to view only those testimonials on your site. You can also generate shortcode to randomly display testimonials on your site from all the reviews you added.

Testimonial offers few other great features such as:

  • Simple slider with autoplay option
  • Pagination
  • Star rating system
  • Show/Hide option for each part of a review (such as tile, reviewer, etc)
  • Multiple testimonial views in column format
  • RTL and WPML support

Check out the free version of Testimonial.

The Pro version of this plugin is even better. You get more features such as:

  • More than 5 Testimonial showcase layouts (such as grid, masonry, list, etc)
  • Custom fonts and Google fonts included
  • Thumbnail with slider option
  • Supports Video Testimonials
  • Web-form for collecting Testimonials
  • Many different navigation modes

It offers so many many more features. This plugin is ideal if your business relies on reviews and testimonials.

Learn more about Testimonial Pro.

4. Handsome Testimonials

Handsome Testimonials is a great plugin to display your testimonials on your website in an attractive manner.

This plugin focuses on allowing you to customize testimonials in your own free will. You can change fonts, colors and styles of the content.

Specifically edit features of different areas on the testimonials such as different color on the title, different color on the statement, different style on the author name or whatever combination you feel will help you get more attention from site visitors.

You may get more useful features such as:

  • Random Testimonial display every page load
  • Include testimonials on sidebar widgets
  • Set square or round corner testimonial displays
  • Customize width and alignment
  • Save customizations for future use

Check out the free version of Handsome Testimonials.

This plugin offers a few more features in its premium version.

You get a few more features with Handsome Testimonials Pro such as:

  • Auto rotate testimonials with intervals
  • List format with a custom order
  • Star rating system
  • Pre-built web-from to collect testimonials
  • Categorize testimonials to create groups to display

Along with customizations, this pro features can be handy.

Learn more about Handsome Testimonials Pro.

5. Testimonial Basics

Testimonial Basics is a free plugin with a lot of exclusive features that makes so much useful.

Although you can display testimonials in many different formats, you can even customize the text color and the background of the testimonials. Thus making this plugin unique from most others. The plugin allows you to add a 5 star review system and you can even include Gravatas IDs to introduce the reviewer.

It offers few unique features such as:

  • Create backups of testimonials in order to be able to restore in case data is lost
  • Widgets to display testimonials
  • Setup testimonial forms in widget areas
  • Use Google/Schema markup
  • Create groups of testimonials to view on different pages

As you can see, this plugin offers so many unique features that most other WordPress Testimonial Plugins doesn’t. Hence, it is highly recommended to be used.

Checkout Testimonial Basics.

6. Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget is among the most preferred WordPress testimonial plugins out there specifically due to their widget feature. This plugin lets you showcase your testimonials either in carousel or slider form and you can embed them on your site through its widget.

Its best feature is that you can have mixed content testimonials in the same slideshow and set up rotating testimonial showcase either via lastest first or random.

It offers few other useful features such as:

  • You can filter testimonial contents with tags, categories or ID
  • Embed testimonials via widgets, shortcodes or through the theme functions
  • Supports rendered content from shortcodes of other Web-form plugins such as Gravity Forms.
  • Supports video testimonials and slideshows

Check out the free version of Testimonial Widget.

Although the free version itself is a powerful plugin, Testimonial Widget does have a premium version with more intriguing features such as:

  • Rating service
  • RSS feeds
  • Shortcode to create testimonial lists
  • Shortcode to show rating statistics

Learn more about Testimonials Widget Premium.

7. WP Testimonial with Widget

WP Testimonial with Widget is among the few WordPress testimonial plugins that is simple and focuses solely on showcasing your testimonials easily.

It is well known for its UI that allows you to manage testimonials in the same way as you manage posts. Hence, you get to edit every testimonial and get a list of testimonials at the backend similar to a classic editor format. This makes it easier for most people to use.

This plugin offers few important features such as:

  • Generates shortcodes in order to get different testimonial templates
  • Gutenberg shortcode block support
  • You may categorize testimonials in order to be able to filter testimonials
  • Set random testimonial views per visits
  • Slider view with rotation
  • Choose the number of testimonials to be viewed
  • Also includes a widget to place testimonials on your website

Check out the free version of WP Testimonial with Widget.

This plugin also has a premium version. Once you upgrade to Pro, you will get some added features such as:

  • Choose from around 15 additional testimonial templates
  • Pre-built web-form to collect testimonials
  • Star rating format
  • Custom CSS editor
  • Widgets with many different styles

Get the Pro version of WP Testimonial with Widget here.

8. Quick and Easy Testimonials

This plugin’s features mirror its name. It certainly is a testimonial plugin that allows you to manage and display testimonials on your website in a fast and easy way.

You can add and edit testimonials in custom post type (which is similar to a blog post). Simply add testimonials, get shortcodes for individual testimonials or grouped testimonials and embed on web pages. It automatically inherits the active theme’s font, color, and style, thus matching your site easily.

It has few more features such as:

  • Compatible with Visual Composer
  • Testimonials are displayed in center aligned style
  • RTL support and Translation Ready

Though it seems like it has fewer features, there is a good reason behind this. The plugin is mainly designed to save you time and making it easy for anyone to use this plugin (even for someone who is a new WordPress user).

It has kept less customization options, thus keeping things less complicated. However, it includes all the basic features that you ideally need to display testimonials in the simplest way possible.

It is a completely free plugin and is highly recommended for users with less experience using WordPress.

Check out Quick and Easy Testimonials.

9. Testimonial Rotator

Testimonial Rotator is another one of those WordPress testimonial plugins that is created to make it easy for new WordPress Users to display testimonials on their websites.

The plugin allows you to display testimonials with rotator feature settings. You can simply assign the testimonials you want to be viewed, and they will display one by one automatically. You can create multiple rotator areas on your website to view testimonials and add star ratings to the testimonials.

Get more useful features with this plugin such as:

  • hReview Support
  • Rotator or list format testimonial display
  • Custom assigning of testimonial rotators to be displayed to different user roles
  • Pagination on the list format
  • Create custom templates
  • Easily embed using shortcodes

This plugin includes some customization options and some built in options, which combines to make this plugin simple and easy to use to serve the purpose of viewing testimonials effectively.

It is a completely free plugin.

Checkout Testimonial Rotator.

10. AB Testimonial WordPress Plugin

AB Testimonial is a premium WordPress plugin that is brilliant for showcasing testimonials.

The plugin has an interface with complete testimonial management features. You can add testimonials easily through custom post type, or collect testimonials from your customers through pre-built web-form. Plus, you can add testimonials on any web page, post or widgets using shortcodes.

You get the necessary features such as:

  • Slider with autoplay option
  • Categorize testimonials to display on different pages
  • Customize web-form to collect testimonials
  • Translation Ready

Although it’s features seem pretty common, the plugin is rather more popular due to it’s available documentations and the support team.

On most other plugins, you have to test it out a few times to get used to, however, this plugin provides a brilliant step by step guide that lets you successfully use this plugin in one go. Plus the support team is very reliable.

Get AB Testimonial WordPress Plugin here.

Author’s Note -WordPress testimonial plugins

Those were 10 of the best WordPress Testimonial Plugins, each having their own unique features than may be useful to us in a variety of ways.

Keep in mind, having testimonials about your business is the biggest sign that you are good at what you do. Hence, if you use them wisely, you might end up doubling your conversion rate from your website.

Word of advice: Please avoid using any black hat methods. Whatever you do, please do not add fake testimonials or reviews about your business. Trust me, if you provide good service, you can simply ask for testimonials or reviews from your customers. Since you served them well, they will happily provide them. Faking your expertise may often backfire in case you fail to deliver. So it’s better not to take risks with business, when you can grow with honesty.

Feel free to let me know your point of view about testimonials. Also, share your experience and thoughts about WordPress testimonial plugins that you prefer.

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