Top 20 Best Educational Apps For Kids Learning Without Parent Monitoring

As new age parents, you should look out for best educational apps for kids. You have to be more alert with kids.  With Just a smartphone in hand, your kids can get exposure to multiple things which might be inappropriate for their growing mind.

One has to know that kids while growing up are more susceptible with regards to what they hear and see.  Violent and adult Apps on the google play store are easy to download, especially for Generation X.

Today we at appsreviewhub will list down 20 Best Educational Apps For Kids that you can install on your child’s phone and improve their overall performance by training their brain through different activities.

  1. TED: Best educational apps for kids Inspiration.

    TED App Download

    The TED talk app features more than 2000 Ted Talks speaker.  The Ted talk is available on a different topic,  let it be Science or religion.  You can always find something that will interest your kid.  Features like an offline download of videos make sure that you can watch this talks from expert any time you desire.

    The library covers more than 100 languages.  There would nothing better for kids than listening to the famous and successful person.  The ability to chrome cast the videos on your screen make it easy to watch on bigger screen with family. These small features make it one of the best educational apps for a kid.

  2. Pictoword: Word Guessing Games & Fun Word Trivia! :  App for kids puzzle.
    Pictoword App Download

    This Puzzle game can really be tricky sometimes. With the kind of puzzles,  this games come up with amazing brain-twister.  All you have to do is come up with a word that you would get after guessing the two pictures together.  The game is not restricted to 1 player only,  you can have a multiplayer option.

    There are different packs of puzzles for different age groups.  Puzzles on celebrity,  world most popular places and many other categories are available for your kids to discover.  IF you want to be part of your kids playtime,  then use these best educational apps for kids from Google Play store.

  3. You Must Escape : Best educational apps for kids in Puzzle section.
    You Must Escape

    Kids who want to increase their creative thinking process for better understanding and good analytical skill will love this brain training app “You Must Escape app”.  The main AIM of the app is to open different doors to go to the next level. But this is easy said than done. This brain game can really challenge your kid’s intellect and see if you have got what it takes to solve the puzzle.

    Sure the few beginning levels are fun and easy to crack but once you go to the higher level, difficulties increase.  You really have to be an expert for opening all the Door without any help.  If you let your kid have this game,  he or she will definitely develop some good brain power which will set them apart from crowd and prepare to beat competition.

  4. BYJU’S: Learning complete classrooms syllabus and problem-solving app
    BYJU’S App Download

    There will not be a better learning app than Byju’s when it comes to Academics. Right from the high school concepts which are building block of your child knowledge till the very elaborative concepts of Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. This learning app covers everything which makes it best educational apps for youngster.

    With the state of the art technologies at their hand. The video lessons by an expert in their field make sure that your kid’s understanding is perfect for any given topic.  This learning app also provides the wide variety of test for practice and tracking abilities to see your progress.

    1. Attention span
    2. Speaking skills in a different language
    3. How you process any problem to solve it
    4. Improves memory, Test math skills.Elevate – Brain Training Games: For Teaching kids Cognitive Thinking
      Elevate Brain Training App 

      Lately, Elevate has been awarded Editor Choice award in google play store with more than 15 Million downloads. This learning app concentrates highly on your:

    The educational apps for kids act as more personalized training app with tracking capabilities to track your progress. It is recommended to use this app 3-4 Times in a  week for better results.

  5. Lumosity – Brain Training: App for Improving kids brain Cognitive Power
    Lumosity Brain Training App Download

    This Lumosity brain training app is created by a team of scientists and designers who wish to improve the cognitive function of people’s  mind. The App comes with different modules for training.  With more than 30+ games in the app to improve your cognitive power to a newer level,  you can be sure that you get plenty of brain exercise.

    The results you get after playing the games helps you analyze weakness and strong point in your cognitive thinking.  The app is set to default to English language but you have an option for regional language also, which can come handy if your kid is into a learning phase and not comfortable with any other language.

  6. Paheli: Best Training apps for kids In puzzles
    Paheli App Download

    Special Hindi language based app, Paheli is dedicated to Hindi speaking people as most of the puzzles are in Hindi. This learning app has a huge database of different quizzes which would require some serious brain power to solve.  The quizzes improve in difficulties sooner than you can think.

    It has a clear interface and also gives you the right answer after each puzzle, which easily brings it among best educational apps for kids. This is a great regional app which can be a fun activity for entire family and not just kids.

    1. Memory capabilities
    2. Attention span
    3. Problem Solving
    4. Understanding
    5. Mental Agility
    6. Language learning
    7. Coordination with a different task
    8. Better control over emotion.Peak – Brain Games & Training: Memory Training apps for kid’s Brain

       Peak Brain Training App Download

      Apart from the fact,  Peak brain training app is one of the best Google Apps in 2016 with over millions download in the app store, Peak Brain Training and learning app improves the following function of your brain activity:

    You can also choose a friend and compete for a single category. With more than 35 games to enjoy.  You can track your progress and see yourself if you have improved in cognitive thinking power of your brain.  One of the best features of the app is that it works in Off-Line mode.

  7. Coursera: Online courses: App for certification and preparing better future.

      Coursera: Online courses App Download

    Educational Coursera app offers you 1000+ courses in

    1. Advance science
    2. Maths
    3. Arts courses

    Offered by multiple universities worldwide.  With the function and ability to watch Online streaming videos of lectures and ability to interact with faculty is something that makes Coursera app best educational apps for kids.

    You can also download the video lecture and watch them as per your convenience time. Coursera is available on both the platform  Web and App and the transition between both of them is really simple and hassle-free.

  8. Khan Academy: Best educational apps for kids In Technical studies

     Khan Academy

    One of the oldest and beloved apps among student is Khan Academy.  With their collection of more than 10,000+ videos on a different subject makes learning much more than fun.  Khan Academy App offers these courses absolutely free, all you need is a smartphone.  There are plenty of questionnaires available in the app for practice for competitive exams.

    The offline reading mode is also available in the app which makes watching video lessons possible even when you are not connected to the internet.  The Khan Academy app offers many other functions like the ability to

    • Bookmarking Favorite content List
    • Sync ability between and your smartphone.

    These features make the Khan Academy stand among best educational apps for kids.

  9. Udemy Online Courses: Best educational apps for kids to Pursue Academics

     Udemy Online Courses App Download

    For busy students, Udemy Online courses apps have both paid and free courses available for people to join and learn.  With 17 Million students in its program, there are more than 2000+ courses available for the student to choose from, ranging from Physics to art and music.  If the student requires then they can also go for premium courses which can anything between $10 to $200.

    There are a significant number of tutors available through the app. The best educational apps for kids also provides the ability to download the video lessons and watch them later for off-line viewing.

  10. NeuroNation – Focus, and Brain Training:  Apps for kids Brain Developed Scientist.

     NeuroNation App Download

    Taking science into building an app.  NeuroNation app has been developed after the vigorous attempt from scientist society of  Free University of berling.  The sole purpose of the whole efforts is to develop something which can test if human brain can be trained to have better memory and strengthen itself.

    This best educational app for kids has won LEONARDO award. The learning app comes with 7 different courses and 28 different exercises.  You have an option of personalized training with the help of the scientific community.  The app makes your learning ability much greater and improved in comparison to before.

    1. overall improvement in memories
    2. Increased speed of analyzing
    3. concentrating on things better
    4. your problem-solving skills
    5. visual perception and interpreting things and situation better.Fit Brains Trainer:  Brain training and Learning App for better Understanding.

       Fit Brains Trainer App Download

      There are major six parts that Fit Brains Trainer app focuses on

    The Fitbit Trainer app has more than 60+ games on their website and 30+ games on Android Google Play Store. Ability to customize your daily brain training exercise is really effective. There is a function of reminder also available to remind for different brain exercise.

  11. EdX – Online Courses:  Educational apps for kids to Follow Academics.

     EdX – Online Courses App Download

    If you desire to learn from foreign university EDX online Courses is the app for you. The App covers more than 90 countries, and courses available through the apps has a very broad set of subjects. You have the ability to download video session of the courses and take your own time to read and finish them. You can watch through live streaming from different universities.

    EDX best educational apps for kids always stays in contact with the corporate world and decide different courses, which would help you gain new skills, which would be really beneficial for getting a job later on in your career.

    • Trains your Memory
    • Logic Improvement 
    • Concentration power improvement
    • Reaction time decrease
    • Speed and strength in memory recallMemorado – Brain Games:  Apps for kids to Increase Brain strength by Training 

       Memorado – Brain Games App Download

      They call it the Gym for your Brain. The Memorado Brain games offer you 450+  levels in 15 different categories to challenge yourself.  The primary function of the best educational apps for kids is based on neuroscience which aims to develop your brain strength and concentration.

      You have the option to either play solo or make it more exciting by competing against your friends and family to see who’s the smarter one.  Including the stunning graphics in the app, it also helps in

    Tracking ability is also available in the app to see how much you have progressed.

  12. KOGNITIVO – Brain Training: Apps for kids To Increase brain cognitive power

     Kognitivo Brain Training App Download

    If you want to train your brain, Kognitivo brain training will only take 5 to 10 minutes for exercising your brain.  This education app informs you about new sleeping and waking up time.  Through it Cognitive activity analyzer you can understand your body and mind in a better way.

    After using this app many individuals have agreed that their productivity level has increased. They are able to perform better.  It is free app without any ads, makes it a smooth and irritation-free journey.  Even if you are short on time and can’t actually go through different games to train your brain. You can choose this Brain Training app and be done under 6-7 Minutes.

  13. Math Challenge:  App to Train your kid In Mathematics problem-solving.

     Math Challenge App Download

    Do you desire to get good at the mathematical problem? Then this Math Challenge app is just the right fit for your training. This training best educational apps for kids helps in solving arithmetic problems which usually require calculation on the calculator.

    You can learn to solve the problem with neat and simple tricks which can become very important if you are preparing for competitive exams. You have the unlimited number of math problems to solve within this app, The app is great for different challenges app gives to test your brain power and calculate how much more practice you need.

  14. Memory Games Brain Training:  Educational apps for kids In Brain Training Section.

    Memory Game App Download

    If you are looking for more logical reasoning problems to solve. Where you can improve your skill with logical reasoning then this app is just the fit for the job. Memory Games come with 21 logical reasoning games which will give you enough material to practice logical reasoning and get better for performing in competitive exams.

    One of the best features that best educational apps for kids provide is Online Competitiveness. You can play this logical reasoning games with anyone from any country available. It is a fun way to keep yourself updated if you are missing something. The Brain Training App comes with 2-5 minutes of exercise and also work without internet connection.

  15. First Words for Baby:  Best educational apps for kids in early age.

     Direct First Words for Baby App Download

    First words for baby app is designed for kids, who are just learning new words on regular basis. It helps in vocabulary improvement and is perfect for the baby who is between the age of 1-5 years.  This best educational app for kids is ads free and comes in 15 different languages with more than 100 words for learning.

    Constant update for the app makes sure that you are always up with new words in your vocabulary. Rather than letting your kid play or watch videos on phone,  this First words for the baby app will help to improve your child mind much more efficient one.

  16. Learn English. Speak English: Best educational apps for kids in Language

 Learn English Speaking English App Download

This is a language-specific app which helps in

  • overall improvement in English speaking
  • reading
  • conversational skills for better understanding
  • better communication.

If you are looking for Foreign language learner app try Beelinguapp. The core function of the app will drastically improve your vocab and pronunciation of different words with the help of speech recognition technology.

The app gets the regular update which keeps bringing new and wonderful features for you.  In the start of the app, you have the option to initiate the conversation between two people and increase your vocab. The app provides clear sound quality.

Best educational apps for kids Conclusion

As if the social media was not bad enough, there are now apps also which can hamper or alter your child’s mind, the recent case of Blue Whale Challange which made quite a headline in news for encouraging kids to perform multiple tasks assigned to some hackers group in Russia including task committing suicide. Parents have to be more alert with what their kid has on their phone.

In the end, Choose the best app that fits your need, whether you want to train your child through different apps or simply want to increase your knowledge about the different subject. You can’t deny the use of Best meditation apps You can always learn something in the app. Choose one and let us also know how was your experience.

let us know how was your experience with using the app. You can read about more trending apps on App Review Website

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