iOS Application Development – View Controllers

View Controllers

What is a View Controller? View controllers existing and manage a pecking order of views. The UIKit framework or structure consists of modules for view controllers you could utilize to establish much of the typical user interaction idioms in iOS. You utilize these view controllers with any kind of customized view controllers you may need to develop your application’s user interface.   The base class for all the controllers in iOS is UIViewController. The personalized controllers that we develop in our application must be a subdivision of UIViewController. A UIViewController…

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Best Productivity Apps to Use in 2018

Best Productivity Apps

We just entered the second half of 2018 and if you are feeling unproductive feel no more because the best productivity apps are here to help. You may ask, but what are productivity apps? They are apps that can help you manage, prioritize and even automate your workload, improve your efficiency, increase your potential and maintain your mental health and balance. Small tasks are always the ones that get in the way of actually getting your work done. More often than not your personal technology can be the biggest distraction,…

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Top 20 Best Educational Apps For Kids Learning Without Parent Monitoring

best educational apps for kids

As new age parents, you should look out for best educational apps for kids. You have to be more alert with kids.  With Just a smartphone in hand, your kids can get exposure to multiple things which might be inappropriate for their growing mind. One has to know that kids while growing up are more susceptible with regards to what they hear and see.  Violent and adult Apps on the google play store are easy to download, especially for Generation X.  Today we at appsreviewhub will list down 20 Best…

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Top 5 Best Meditation Apps Free Your Mind | Body | Soul

Best meditation apps

When it comes to cooling down your mind and body for better focus Best meditation apps sure come handy. We all go through different experience on daily basis, which sometimes can overwhelm our mind. These overwhelming exposure to the outer world can lead to more disturbed mind.  Your work productivity goes down as well as the quality of your sleep also decreases. But there is good news for those who are looking for some way to calm their mind and focus better. Today we are going to talk about top 5…

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Top 10 Fastest Android Browser To Replace Your Stock Android Browser

Fastest Android Browser

Android phones come with default web browser chrome installed as default. The chrome browser does not lack in feature and speed but android app store does have lots of alternative to this stock browser. If you are looking for easy loading of web pages or way to download videos easily you can read about the Fastest Android Browser mentioned below.  Google play store host many web browsers which are super optimized for speed and usability. Here are the fastest Android browsers that you will absolutely love and cherish for their features and…

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Top 8 best apps for android By Editors Choice 2017

best apps for android

When it comes to the best apps for android there is a lot a competition in the app store. Not every app performs best as per the user requirement and justifies their purpose, sometimes it is lots of advertising on the app or it can be crashing issues. Apps are generally judged on,  how useful and what are the features that are available to users. It is not always what user want but sometimes it is also what you can give to the user, which they themselves are not aware…

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Top Fitness weight Loss Apps | 30 Day Fitness Challenge Download | Review

Top Fitness weight Loss Apps

Every month we have some top Fitness weight Loss Apps in the editor choice app listing, and this month we have got the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app in the list. Not only the Editor’s choice list, but it was also listed as the best of 2016 app. The application is developed by Leap fitness group; everyone needs to get fit, but in order to get fit, one might need to exercise a lot, and doing the wrong exercises you will not get anything, in fact, it can result in…

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Firefox Focus Browser Android App Download | Review

Firefox Focus Browser Android App

We all agree on the point that native chrome browser in android lacks UI and Functionality. Sooner or later we all shift to a new browser with better functions. Functions like fast browsing option,  Better safety,  Easy download option, better file management.  These options are must for any person before choosing any browser.  Firefox Focus Browser Android App available in google play store solves almost all our issues.   Firefox Focus Browser Android App Features Firefox new browser makes sure that no one is tracking your online activity on different…

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Top 5 Sleep Sound Machines of 2017 For Better Sleep

Sleep Sound Machines

Sleep is better than sex !! There we said it. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.  Sleep is an essential part of your day,  it helps men and women look fresh,  also plays a vital role in keeping your body metabolism healthy and fit. Among many benefits of Sleep, it helps you consolidate your memory with the skills you practiced during your working hours, a good night sleep can increase your creativity and ultimately helps you live longer.  Sleep Sound Machines comes in handy to achieve that proper sleep…

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